TerraTech is an open-world vehicle building game that allows you to be creative and explore a vast world

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7

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TerraTech is a unique game that provides you with the opportunity to build your own vehicles. You can build your vehicles in any kind of way you prefer. This game does have a few limitations but it also gives you the opportunity to be creative with a lot of things, which is what a lot of similar games lack.

The main purpose of this game is to ultimately build a fleet of vehicles so that you will have a powerful weapon to destroy other fleets with. You can choose to make your vehicle fly or you can build it to make it go fast. You get to choose how to build your vehicle so that you can flee from danger. While there are other games that allow you to build your own vehicle like TerraTech does, this game is much more well executed.

The graphics in this game are superior to other games of its kind. This game is also superior because it offers many more building options when compared to similar games. It is an excellent game for high-end computers. You can expect to see many improvements to the game as updates are made to it.

TerraTech is a game for those who like to build vehicles in a virtual world and want some creative freedom while doing it. This is a game that will let you use your vivid imagination.


-The graphics are exceptionally good.

-You get to choose how you build your vehicle.

-This game allows you to have more creative freedom when compared to other games of its kind.

-Flying mechanics in the game are well executed.


-There are no missions to accomplish.

-You can lose all of your parts if you lose a fight in the game.

-6GB of RAM is required to be ensured you are able to play a great game of TerraTech.

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